Armagnac-based cocktails : Castarède, the master of his craft .

Castarède l'art du cocktail à l'Armagnac

Armagnac-based cocktails : Castarède, the master of his craft .

La Maison Castarède fête son partenariat avec My Kitchen Society et le Gentlemen 1919.

 On March 12th, we premiered for the first time in our Show Room in Paris  140 Boulevard Haussmann, a movie that highlights the creation of cocktails, featuring Armagnac VS in the magic place of the bar Gentlemen 1919.

This film projects us in this luxury universe of cocktail bars and shows our willingness to promote  Armagnac-based cocktails.

To meet the bartenders demand, our House launched a few years ago an Armagnac VS 42.5% :  It's delicate nose of fresh plum and vanilla with a hint of hazelnut and its fresh mouth, strong with a slightly woody structure make it the perfect Armagnac to enhance each cocktail.

« This movie embodies the Armagnacs Castarède’s  spirits of elegance and modernity.

My Kitchen Society took up a challenge to reinforce the 2 centuries of this brand’s  reputation,  achieving a chic  modern take on vintage style thanks to a daring filmmaking and cocktails made  in the spirits of the times ». My Kitchen Societey.



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