700 years of History

Armagnac was long used for its therapeutic properties. Many historical documents reveal the beneficial properties, signed by famous people.

The first written works on Armagnac date back to the 14th century and were written by Vital Dufour, a doctor from the faculty of Montpellier and holy man from Eauze. He was born in 1260 , and studied in Paris . Franciscan , he studied medicine at Montpellier in 1295.

Beside the many theological publications he wrote, Maître Vital Dufour also wrote an important medical work « To keep your health and stay on top form»This valuable book from the Vatican library, discovered and translated by Father Loubès reveals the properties of Armagnac.

 In 1310, he describes his work as « very useful book to help maintain your health and stay in good shape » and boasts about the forty virtues of what he calls the « Fiery Water » or « Water of eternal life ».

After various charges, Pope Clement V in 1313 attributed to him the cardinal's hat .

"This water, if medically and soberly taken, is alleged to have 40 properties or efficiencies. "

On all fronts...

The most famous musketeers

In  XVIIth century the most famous of musketeers , Charles de Batz , known as d'Artagnan, leaves his home country , the Gers , to cross France .

D’Artagnan is in charge of Louis XIV’s safety on the road to Saint-Jean-de-Luz where the King  will married Maria Theresa, the infanta of Spain.

The exploits and conquests of d'Artagnan were immortalized by Alexandre Dumas , author of the famous the "Three Musketeers ."

Florence Castarède Musketeer

Florence Castarède, proud member of the Mousquetaires D'Armagnac's company, took part in many events, in France and internationally. 

Florence Castarède

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