A know-how …

It is the oldest trading House of Armagnac in France. Established in 1832, it just turned 189 years in 2021.

The Castarède Family has been managing and developping this activity since 6 generations. Today, Florence Castarède runs the company.

It owns one of the most important collection of Armagnac vintages, the oldest one is dated from 1893.

Our cellar-masters, stayed respectively, 36 and 25 years. They showed the continuity of this traditional knowledge, regarding the selection of the best productions from the Bas Armagnac , the methods of distillation and ageing.

An Overall ageing policy

Raised according to the ageing process perpetuated at Castarède cellars, the non-vintaged qualities as VS, VSOP, XO and Hors d’Age all go beyond legal ageing.

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