Tasting notes

Here is the history of our tastings conducted by professionals for many years :

Advice for tasting an Armagnac

Our blends :

Armagnac Castarède Sélection /***/VS 
Robe: Golden color
Fruity nose, mellow to the mouth.Perfect for cocktails or on the rocks.

Armagnac Castarède VSOP :
Robe : amber color, good limpidity, slow driping legs when swirling showing the long ageing in barrels.
Nose : Fruity and pleasant nose, light pepper, coconut and walnuts with a honey and glazed plum finish.
Mouth : A subtle and balanced aromatic display to the mouth confirming the nose.

 Armagnac Castarède Hors d'Age/ XO
20 years old:

Robe : Light coppery
Nose : Powerfull and warm combining notes of fruits and spices.
Mouth : Full, harmonious with scents of glazed ripe plums, toast oak followed with arrays of spices, nutmeg mixed with fruit. Hints of rancio. Smooth long tasting finish .

Our vintages:

Some vintages no longer exist today. The taste changes over the months as our Armagnacs are still evolving in oak barrels .

This Armagnac distilled in 1888 has a nice colour with some copper tints.
The nose is very intense, very agreeable and wooded. We can find some touches of leather, apricot and crystallised fruits.
In the mouth, the attack is very smooth and some hints of rancio quickly appear.
Despite its old age, this armagnac is still very powerfull.

Deep mature leather colour.Inviting nose with touches of vanilla, wild stawberries and other red beries.Great taste of almond, marzipan and berries.Nice acidity, balanced in alcohol.

It was CASTAREDE armagnacs that was served after the most expensive meal of the year at the Gavroche restaurant in London and the Amateur de Bordeaux selected our 1900 vintage as one of the twelve bottle to purchase to enter the new millenium.
"Even before the first taste, as soon as the bottle is opened, the aroma of the Castarède 1900 Armagnac fills the room. The mouth is struck by the mildness and force that manifest immediately with an unimaginable suavity, a surprising roundness and above all a long finish that seems like a moment of eternity. And in the room, this persistent, perfect aroma, perhaps the odour of paradise.

Intense amber colour, green tints, limpid eau de vie. Nose: aromas of coffee, prunes, vanilla, no agressivity. Mouth : rich touches of prunes, fine eau de vie.

Dark eau de vie, deep amber colour.Nose of prunes. Mouth: noble and dynamic, very long, sensation of old  leather. Can be tasted with black chocolate or cigar.

Brown Armagnac .Nose: leather, prunes. Mouth: very powerful even if very old and wooded.

Obtained 19/20 during a tasting organised by « Wine Magazine » in 2000. Nose of Caramel, fruit, wood and vanilla, very complex. Smooth in the mouth, long pepper,vanilla and fruit finish. Excellent mellow and smooth yet rich and complex. A voluptuous Armagnac.

Coppery and brilliant colour. Nose : Spices, dry prunes, light oak. Very spicy mouth, dry prunes, mellow, long end.

Brown Armagnac with green tints, shiny. Incredibly rich and elegant nose with touches of spices, dry prune, orange bark and cinnamon. In mouth, very frank attack, the eau de vie is wel balanced, the tannins are soft in the mouth and melted. The aromas are very spicy and dry prune and liquorice really dominate, then after aeration, rancio and butter remain in mouth. The finish is very long very rich and mild. A very nice moment to taste this armagnac mellow and unctuous. Perfect also with a nice double corona cigare.

Complex Nose. Very Aromatic, very wooded, little touches of peat.

Very rich mouth, with aromas of macerated white fruits and leather. No hesitation ! Silver medal at the international wine challenge in 1998.

Golden tints, beautiful live colour. Nose: very powerful, macerated fruits, leather.  Mouth: light attack, wood, nice at the end of the mouth.

Deep amber colour, copper tints .Nose: very complex and pleasant, spicy aromas (vanilla, cynnamon), old leather, touches of butter .Mouth: rich, few tannins but still present. Very long Armagnac.

Very Perfumed nose, intense, very rich, complex perfume. Brilliant colour. Mouth: Mellow. Touch of Madeira and even Xeres.

Old coppery reflects. Nose : Vanilla, dry fruits. Mouth : Well balanced with a smooth perfumed end.

Its topaze colour is superb. Spurting out of the glass, the bouquet opens out on a complex melted range, and a superb violet taste. Without excess of heat, it affirms its richness on your palate and does “la queue de Paon” giving all of the poesy of its age. A real nectar…

Orange tint. Very complex nose with aromas of exotic fruits and of sugar cane and spices. Powerfull in mouth and very aromatic. End : persistent and spicy.

A deep amber colour. Fresh nose, complex, predominating spices vanilla, pepper, cinnamon. In mouth, it is round and really persistent with vanilla and plum flavours. The glass bottom offers a good rancio. It has a lot of nature.
“An armagnac very unctuous, with some complex notes of crystallized prune, wood, cocoa and fig. A very rich mouth.”

Colour: Limpid, dark brown, copper tints. Nose: Powerfull, touches of candies vanilla and prunes, notes of leather, coffee, spices .Mouth: well balanced, powerfull, long finish.

This Bas Armagnac comes from a blend of two cepages, the Ugni Blanc and Baco.
Its fawn coloured robe with some red copper gives some rancio flavours reflecting its long stay in barrels in a bouquet of wooden touches.(santal wood, vanilla, grilled touches) spicy and fruity (banana).The mouth is soft and mellow but this eau de vie has kept the nervosity of the baco cepage. It is perfect with a maroon cake with an arabica sauce! The richness of maroon and the creamy touch of the dessert is tempered by the freshness of the ice cream. The coffee sauce is an echo to the grilled touches. The osmose is total.

Nose of candies vanilla and prunes. Few spicy notes, long in mouth.

Beautiful brilliant color, yellow gold. Complex nose, floral, candied fruits. Soft attack, round in mouth, balanced .

Golden Robe with copper tints Charming nose with leather notes which reflect its old age, and some touches of vanilla. Smooth in the mouth it is round but spicy, with with very harmonious tanins and perfectly melt wood flavours. Well balanced with no acidity, this armagnac is voluptuous with an exceptional structure.

Amber Robe. Delicate nose with leather and crystallised fruits notes, typical from 60's. Smooth, round and spicy.

Amber colour, a distinguished nose which gives some nice notes of crystallised fruits and rancio. The mouth is subtle and smooth with a slight taste of wood.

Very good nose, nicely balanced with a light shade of vanilla.

A very smooth and agreeable armagnac, with a lot of aromas.

Bronze medal at the international wine challenge in 1998 in France.

Old gold colour, discreet nose, soft attack in the mouth, very well balanced, with         some nice rancio at the end of the mouth.

Very fruity bouquet – fresh, lively orange aromas with some almost perfumed touches – complex, exotic nose no coarseness and no unwelcome alcohol heat on this palate; light, elegant, fruity flavours with a refreshing quality to perk up the palate after a heavy meal; a fine digestif with interesting, spicy, almost mineral notes to the aftertaste.

Golden medal at the International Wine and spirit competition in London.
An amber robe with topaz and orange tints.
Very well balanced nose, very smooth and tender which marry molasses, dry banana, rice powder, white chocolate, nettle flower, Petunia (a subtle mix of chocolate,iodine and wisteria). After having warmed it up, it offers leather flavours, dry wood, white truffle and quinine bark tints. The mouth is smooth, woody, with chocolate truffle flavours, vanilla, cinnamon, brioche-like flavours. The final touch reminds of liquorice.

Wooded nose, but not too much. Notes of prunes.

Brass colour to moderate shade.
The bouquet has a fine range and intense crystallized fruit, plum, not much spicy.
The taste (mellow, well-developed with a retro on the plum and a woody taste really subtle. Superb long and glass bottom on the cocoa. A lot of neatness for this armagnac. 
15,5/20 in the GaultMillau Magazine

Topazes and sienna robe with orange touches. It offers a nose with complex flavours, which marries animal notes like leather, floral flavours like eucalyptus and fruity flavours like dry fig and blond tobacco. After warming it up, we can smell fur and praline flavours.
The mouth effect is frank, the middle of the mouth is powerful with dry fruits aromas, (dry prune, grape, orange bark, almond). The final touch gives white chocolate flavours.

Delicate nose, perfumed. Long in mouth, frank. Fruity aromas (peach, prune and vanilla).

Nose: light, without aggressivity, easy   Mouth: few aggressivity , light prunes, few rancio.

Nose: light, without aggressivity, easy   Mouth: few aggressivity , light prunes.

Colour: pale gold, macerated fruits, vanilla. Mouth: Light and mellow. Perfumed Armagnac, pronounced flower notes.

Nose: live, vanilla, wood.Mellow in mouth. Prunes, spicy, well structured.

Colour: pale, copper light. Nose of faded flowers. Mouth: fine and sweet.

Pale colour. Complex nose. Smooth in mouth.Light and pleasant.

Colour:  golden light. Powerfull but pleasant nose. Sweet end.

Pale colour. Slight nose but nice. Short end, well balanced.

Color : olde gold, copper. Old nose. Mouth: simple, neutral.

Color golden lights. Neutral nose. Smooth, powerfull, pleasant.    

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