Armagnac Castarède

« Youth is time ahead of you.»

Jules Romain



Armagnac, … a great story

Armagnac is the oldest eau-de-vie
The first texts about armagnac date back from the 14th century and were
written by Vital Dufour, a doctor from the faculty of Montpellier and prior of
Eauze, who describes it in his work « Very useful book to look after your health
and stay in good shape » in 1310 and boasts about the forty virtues of what he
calls the « Fiery Water » or « Water of eternal life ».

Armagnac is distilled from white wines produced in a delimited area, which
covers part of the Lot-et-Garonne, Gers and Les Langes regions.

And then, the eau-de-vie embraces the oak, “this dark tree, from our land, the
one which smells of damp glebe and thieving beast”, so well described by 20th
century Gascon writer and Armagnac lover, Joseph de Pesquidoux.

In these new casks a mysterious life begins. Exchanges between wood and
alcohol soak up its tannins and essences to transform it and transfigure it.

Part of the alcohol evaporates as if paying homage to nature, this is the “angels
share”. A few years later, Armagnac is going to rest and mature quietly in old
oak casks.

“Crystal-clear and golden liqueur, fragrant to your lips, warm and smooth, a
thousand virtues melted and concentrated within, those from the soil and its
saps, those from the wood, from the heart of the oak tree where it sat back,
forever imprinted with its wild taste, those from the sky, its dews and its rays,
like an invisible touch…”
Joseph de Pesquidoux

Castarède, a family heritage

The Castarede House was officially born in 1832 under the friendly pressure of
the young baron Haussmann then sub-prefect of Nérac, making it the oldest
trading house of the whole Armagnac area.

For 180 years, in cellars ideally situated at Pont de Bordes on the Baise
riverbank and then in the Bas-Armagnac property of the Château de Maniban,
the Castarède commitment and passion for Armagnac have remained constant
and the water of eternal life has kept their enthusiasm forever young.

Florence Castarède, who nowadays heads this family-owned Armagnac, under
the benevolent eye of her father Jean Castarède, stands as its perfect example.
She does not hesitate to travel the world, sharing her extraordinary cultural
and gastronomic family heritage with a positively catching joie de vivre, energy
and appetite.


The Castarède House around the world

Exported around the whole world, our Armagnac 1900 was, for example,
served at Le Gavroche in London during the most expensive dinner in the
world, which witnessed legendary bottles on its tables or at the 2003 received
a vintage bottle from their birth year.
Our Hors d’Âge is served in Air France airport lounges and in the business class
of their long and medium haul flights.
Drinks publication “L’Amateur de Bordeaux” has selected our 1900 as one of
the twelve dream bottles to have in your cellars for the third Millennium.

A Heritage to safeguard

At the Château de Maniban, family-owned property full of history dating back
from the 16th century and which houses 1543 listed frescoes, the Castarède
family produces great bas Armagnacs of remarkable quality and finesse which
provide a rich addition to their Armagnacs, particularly to their vintages
The Family keeps in its cellar a unique collection of vintages ranging from 1888
to today, with a rich addition every year.


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